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East Dundee, IL

Check out our East Dundee, IL location today! 

We’re ready to provide you with quality home improvement services, and with our years of expertise and dedication to you, we can assure you that we will do everything in our power to satisfy you and your home improvement needs. 

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Antioch, IL

Explore our Antioch, IL branch today and discover top-notch home improvement solutions, tailored just for you. 

With our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to your satisfaction, rest assured, our Antioch roofers go above and beyond to meet your household requirements. 

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McHenry, IL

Discover our McHenry, IL location today and unlock premium home improvement services crafted for your needs.

With Stanley Roofing’s wealth of expertise and steadfast dedication to quality service, we guarantee to fulfill all your home improvement-related goals.

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Sleepy Hollow, Illinois

Visit our Sleepy Hollow, IL location today and experience premium home improvement services crafted to fit your needs.

With a huge depth of expertise and an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction, our Sleepy Hollow roofers and other home improvement specialists do all we can to surpass your expectations.

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FREE Inspection for Hail or Wind damage

It takes a trained eye to see ALL of the hail and wind damage after a storm. Insurance companies pay adjusters to minimize claims, but we can help you get what you deserve!

First, we inspect for damage. If damage exists, we’ll meet with their adjusters and make sure they’re aware of all the damage and understand the proper way the work must be completed. Our experts us Xactimate software to calculate the cost of damages…the same program used and accepted by most insurance companies.

“My insurance only wanted to pay $7,300 for my hail damage. Thank goodness Stanley met with their adjuster, because the insurance paid much more than that! I got a new roof, gutters, siding & window trim. My home looks beautiful!”

Casey Cummings

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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you work with Stanley Roofing Company, you’ll get work that’s high-quality, satisfying, and will last for a long time to come.

Expert Employees

Our roofing contractors are experienced professionals. We get jobs done quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively for our clients.


We don't just come in and start barking orders. We work with our customers to make sure every step of the process is carried out to the ideal they'd like to see.

Quality Materials

Your home deserves the highest quality materials, hands-down. We know how to get those materials and work them into your home

Detailed Proposals

We make sure our project proposals are comprehensive and legible for our customers, so they know what to expect from every job.

Does Your Property have storm damage?

Free Inspection For Hail or Wind Damage